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Computer developed in different phases there are different generations with the passage of time, when we categorize them we come to know that there are five different generations of computer. These are phases of computer development. Here we discuss these in detail.

First generation of computer:
1                                   Use of vacuum tubes.

2                                    Big and clumsy.

3                                    High electricity consumption.

4                                    Programming in mechanical language.

5                                    Larger AC were used.

6                                    Lot of electricity failure occurred.

Second Generation of Computer:
    Transistors were used.

    Core memory was developed.

    Faster then first generation computer.

   First operating System was developed.

   Programming was in Machine language and Assembly language.

   Magnetic tapes and discs were used.

Third generation of Computer:
1                                 Integrated circuits were developed.

2              Power consumption was low.

3                               SSI and MSI technology was used.

4                               High level languages were used.

Fourth Generation of Computer:
1                             LSI and VLSI technology used.

2                             Development of Portable Computer.

3                             Raid technology of data storage.

4                             Computer was used in data communication.

Fifth Generation of Computer:
1                            Used in parallel processing.

2                             Used super Conductors.

3                            Used in speech recognition.

4                            Used in intelligent Robots.

5                            Used in artificial intelligence.

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